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ORGANIZERS : Like2run and Friends

WHY GUDENÅ ULTRATRAIL CHALLENGE? : Few years ago a simular race existed for a couple of seasons. Lack of participants closed the race before I (of several reasons) completed it myself. The race stayed in my memory and I thought : why not revive this amazing idea? An as nobody else did it I only had one option : do it myself!

It is a Trail that will challenge You both on length and surface

The course is roughly 37,5 km or 75 km (depends of Your choice of route) and follow the old Træk-/Pramdragersti from Silkeborg to Randers.

It is a competition with prices to the Top-3 and great emphasis on nature experience and we hope participants will socialic before and after the race.

The race takes place in Nature and Nature’s premises!! – so there is a risc that the path is flooded and You are forced to make a choice between the short wet path or run a second path on a drier surface – the choice is yours!

Entry fee :
– UltraTrail ( 75 km ) : 475 kr
– Trail ( 37,5 km) : 375 kr

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Special and unique medal and diploma to all finishers.

Any questions pleace write to : info(at)

Euipment (mandatory):
– Startnumber must be worn visible all timne
– Jacket wind and/or waterproff
– Mobilephone (with racedirectors number remember to supply racedirector with Your number)
– Mug (no mug in supply area)
– Flasks to contain 1 L.
– Enough energy/food to next supply area/finish.

Euipment (nice to have)
– Survival blanket
– Emergency whistle
– Hat and gloves

Short text about the Trail (roughly translated with Google)
Along Gudenåen runs the old Barge-Dragons’ Path – which is a hiking trail. The Trail is a total of 80 km long and runs from Silkeborg to Randers.
The trail largely follows the path that Barge-dragons and horses used in the old days to pull barges with cargo from the port of Randers to Silkeborg. The path goes through the varied landscape of forests and fields with grazing animals.

Barge transportation on Gudenåen Barge transportation on Gudenåen started probably already in the 1400s, but it had its heyday in the latter half of the 1800s, where up to 200 barges carrying goods between Silkeborg and Randers. The barges or “kågene”, as they were called, were loaded with up to 25 tons of paper, bricks, peat, lime, rope or similar.

Barge-Dragons pulled barges with liner over his shoulder. From Randers they walked along the banks upstream to Bjerringbro. It took the horses work due to the strong current. Barge transportation along the Gudenå calmed down when the railway came to Silkeborg in 1871. Barge transportation, however, continued until around 1920, when the new electric power plant in Tange, was too great an obstacle with its damming of the river. Today it is especially tourism purposes with canoes, creating traffic on the river.